2018 Working Papers



Intra Euro Area Capital Flows and the Current Account Balance Nektarios A. Michail and Andreas Savvides
Equity Investment by Global Funds: Return and Sovereign Risk Christoforos Andreou, Neophytos Lambertides and Andreas Savvides
Anthropogenic Greenhouse Gas Concentrations and Global Temperature: A Threshold Analysis Christos S. Savva, Nektarios A. Michail, Theodoros Zachariadis and Demetris Koursaros
Is Credit Dollarization Contagious across Countries? Evidence from Transition Economies Kyriakos C. Neanidis and Christos S. Savva
Regional Spillovers in Financial Dollarization Kyriakos C. Neanidis and Christos S. Savva
Systemic Stress Testing under Central and Non-Central Clearing Barbara Casu, Elena Kalotychou and Petros Katsoulis
A Survey of Shipping Finance Research: Setting the Future Research Agenda George Alexandridis, Manolis G. Kavussanos, Chi Y. Kim, Dimitris A. Tsouknidis, Ilias D. Visvikis